Exercise for weight loss at home

A thin waist, smooth belly, childbearing hips, Breasts – slender figure is the dream of many girls and women. If your form is not perfect, but are you willing to work on his body, to reach the necessary parameters 90*60*90 you will need a low-calorie diet and complex of exercises for weight loss. This will help you to get rid of extra pounds, increase skin elasticity and improve overall body tone. Let's talk about how to lose weight fast at home with fitness workouts.


How to do fitness at home

Losing weight is a long process that requires a combination of low calorie diet and exercise. If you do not want to attend trainings in the gym, then achieving the cherished forms will help home the set of exercises for weight loss. To the fat burning process took place most effectively and the weight decreased slowly and gradually, you must follow the key principles of sports training recommended by famous fitness trainers and professional athletes.

Regular classes

Sustainable results for weight loss at home can be achieved with the help of regular fitness exercises. If you are just beginning to exercise, you'll like the classes are usually held 2 to 3 times a week. More advanced fitness lady can increase the number of workouts 5-6 times with a mandatory one day of rest. Physical activity is recommended to increase gradually, not overloading the muscles and not lose motivation for the sport.

The duration of the workout

Basic fat burning happens after half an hour from the start of classes. So for quick weight loss start with 30-40 minutes a day, gradually increasing workout duration to one hour. During class, pay attention to your health. Excessive exercise can lead to unwanted injury and symptoms of overtraining.

Time to practice

The best time to practice cardio exercises are the morning hours, when the rate of metabolism reaches a maximum. Therefore, training before 12.00 of the day will help you to handle excess weight and enhance muscle tone. Afternoons are more suitable for power sports exercises aimed at the elaboration of muscle relief and weight. In addition, regular evening workouts will help you to relieve psychological stress after a hard day. The optimal window of time for sports activities after lunch: 16.00 to 20.00.

Goal setting and diversity training

A balanced diet

It is recommended for one to work efficiently training one group of muscles, and strain on other parts of the body to distribute the residual. For example, on Monday 80% of the time you do crunches on Wednesday are focusing on the lower body, and Friday, working the muscles in the arms and chest. Thus, in a week you'll work all major muscle groups without overloading your body in sports exercises.

A balanced diet

If you have seriously decided to lose weight at home, you can not do without a competent diet. Exclude from the diet of harmful and high-calorie foods, in addition to 1-2 times during the week, spend fasting days, get a food diary and keep track of the overall daily calories for your meals. All this will help you quickly lose weight and achieve their forms.

Effective set of home exercises for weight loss

Get rid of excess weight by exercising at home, use complex exercises on different muscle groups. Physical activity picks up, focusing on their sports training and current state of health. If you are just beginning to practice, then you will only need 2-3 approaches till 10-15 time. If you have been involved in sports, feel free to increase the number of sets and reps to maximum.

Complex exercises for your abdomen and back

Fat deposits on the belly and flanks – a headache for many women. To reduce the waist and remove flabby stomach, you can use simple and light exercises for the abs. Such regular workout is an effective remedy for protruding folds on the sides. They increase the tone and elasticity of abdominal muscles, make the waist slim and graceful.

A set of exercises for weight loss belly must include sports items for upper abs,lower abs and obliques. In the article "What exercises should I do to remove the stomach and sides?", we examined the features of workout for this problem area. By adding these fitness exercises for slimming the abdomen and back to your training schedule, you can quickly get rid of excess body fat.

Exercise for weight loss legs, buttocks and thighs

Get rid of excess inches in the thighs and tighten the buttocks will help simple and easy fitness exercises. Pay attention to these workouts a few times a week and then quickly reach a good result. The best exercises for this problem area are:

  • Squats. During the execution of these exercises work most of the leg muscles (thighs and buttocks). That is why they are the most effective tool for weight loss feet. The deeper you squat, the more muscles working. As additional load, it is recommended to use a small dumbbell.
  • Lunges – a worthy addition to the squats. There are many variations of this exercise: forward, backward, right and left. The lower you squat during lunges, the more effective is exercise for weight loss. Performing sports element, ensure that the knee was at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the thigh, keep your backs straight. To maintain balance, grasp the back of the chair.
  • Mahi – great for workout of the major muscles of the legs. Can do the exercises standing up or lying down. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your training, then combine attacks and Mahi in one item.

For example,do a lunge back with the right leg, hand grasp the back of the chair. On inhale raise your right leg forward as you exhale, return to starting position. Such option, the exercise gives a qualitative study of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

Please note that in the following article to learn about General recommendations how to lose weight in the legs.

Simple and easy exercises for back and arms

Level back, strong muscles of lower back, rounded shoulders and beautiful shape of the hands give a female figure a special beauty, harmony and charm. To strengthen the desired muscle groups to tone upper body and burn excess fat will help exercises for weight loss, back and arms:

  • Pushups – great for training the muscles of the hands, chest and back. As the main complication in this exercise is the body weight. If you are physically difficult to do pushups from the floor, then lean on a sports bench or table.
  • Lifts dumbbells give a good isolated strain on the biceps and triceps. There are many variations of these exercises. Upgrades are performed: direct or reverse grip in front of you, straight or bent at the elbows with hands over head, etc. Choose the options at its discretion.
Lifts dumbbells

Arm slimming exercises-these exercises are recommended to run using small weights and many repetitions. For example, 2-3 sets of 50-100 times with dumbbells 2-3 kg. If you want to develop muscle relief, then you need to do low reps with heavy weights. The load in this case is necessary to select individually.

Strength exercises men for weight loss at home

Men's set of exercises for weight loss at home should include cardio load and strength exercises. This approach to training is effective for reducing excess weight and for producing power. Cardio exercises are excellent coaching to the circulatory system and increase overall stamina. The power system gives a gain in muscle mass and a beautiful relief muscles.

Effective exercises for men:

  • Jumping rope or jog – great for warm-up before a power complex. To increase physical activity, use the interval approach to training, alternating different rate classes.
  • Horizontal bar or bars is an effective sports equipment for training all muscle groups. Performing pullups or pushups, you will work the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders. In addition, rises feet in vis give good load on abs and legs.
  • Barbell and dumbbells will help you to achieve good terrain with isolated exercises for the muscles of the upper torso. Well-proven lifts the dumbbells from a seated position or on an incline bench, Romanian or other types of thrust rod for triceps and back muscles. Use variants of a grip for sporting equipment (hammer, straight, otherwise) to use various muscles during a workout.

Regular performance of these simple and easy exercises will help you to achieve a beautiful relief of the musculature, to increase strength and endurance. It is sufficient to allocate one hour to workout a few times a week to achieve good sports results. Through such classes, you will easily be able to maintain your body in perfect shape.

Aerobic dance

Dance exercise for weight loss at home

Aerobic dance is a good way to quickly get rid of extra pounds. These classes under the energetic and fiery music give a great energy boost, and develop plasticity of the body and increase overall stamina. In addition, through dancing, you will activate the metabolism and train the cardiovascular system.

Aerobic dance combines such areas as Latino, Samba, Rumba, jazz and even classical ballet. You can choose the dance that is more like it and train under your favorite tunes. Moreover, dance exercises give a good exercise for all muscle groups. During one class you can burn large amount of energy: up to 700 calories in one hour. That's why this type is so popular among other fitness exercises.

To do dance aerobics in the home using video training popular stars of the fitness or in the sports club under the guidance of an experienced coach. If you are in good physical shape, choose active dance such as, Latin or rock-and-roll. If you are just starting training, you'll take a more relaxed direction – funk-aerobics or belly dancing. Don't forget to do the obligatory warm-up before and stretching after class. This will allow you to adapt to intense exercise and to relieve tension in the muscles after physical activity.

Losing weight at home requires a certain degree of self-organization and discipline. Set yourself clear goals and define the necessary tasks and then clearly act in accordance with this plan. Regularly performing exercises for quick weight loss and adhering to a low calorie balanced diet, you can quickly reach the perfect body shapes.