Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

In modern society the standard of beauty of a woman is slim figure. What should I do if my favorite skirt is too tight on the waist, and jeans treacherously embraced fat on the sides?

exercise for weight loss

You have to understand that fat only on your stomach or thighs with the help of special exercises will not work. Will be needed as regular physical exercises and following a special diet to maintain the body in good physical shape.

Alas, the folds of the hated belly fat occur quietly and quickly, and leave long and reluctantly. That is why we have prepared a vocational exercise for weight loss belly and sides! They will help you achieve the cherished goal – to lose weight!

A detailed guide to getting rid of excess fat

So, it's time to gather strength, to discard the laziness and get to work on my form. Physical activity is the best cure for unwanted fat!

Exercises aimed at burning fat and losing weight in the abdominal area at home should be conducted regularly. It constant exercise visible, positive result for weight loss in the abdominal area. The effectiveness of exercises aimed at burning belly fat depends on regularity and your will power.

But it will happily then, when making measurements you will be pleasantly surprised with the results weight loss and reduce the amount of belly fat in a week.

Tip! Slimming abdomen and sides it is important to use exercises for women, as in men, obesity is a different type.

Move more!

Women are always moving much more than men, but this does not exempt from employment to reduce belly fat. Bosu workout won't take much time but will eliminate fat accumulation on the belly exactly where it is needed.

Effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides provide for active movement, distills lazy, move more!

Be sure to eat wisely!

During the period of training must be properly and efficiently eat. Any physical exertion in the wrong diet will be useless to lose weight will fail! In order to let you know that you should not eat, we will give some important tips in the next Chapter.

Food during weight loss need to carefully choose, but first it is important to change the diet. Only thoroughly changing your diet, not starve and at the same time, significantly reduce the weight.

  1. Take courage and eliminate or try to minimize, the diet quick carbohydrates (sweet and starchy foods in the first place).
  2. It is necessary to limit the use of table salt, it also contributes to excess body water (edema).
  3. Reduce portions to 200 g, eat more often, at least 4-6 times a day.
  4. Be sure to drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water. Water plays an important role in metabolism and promotes weight loss in the whole body, including the abdomen and hips.
  5. Refuse fat sorts of meat and fish, give preference to lean meats: poultry, beef, rabbit. Fish is flounder, Pollock, cod.
  6. It is better to cook steamed, baked or simply boiled.
  7. Abstain from fast food!
how to lose weight in the stomach

Rules of performance of exercises for abdominal muscles at home

  1. The important point in training is the timing, impossible to start charging and exercises for belly after eating. Try to begin exercise on an empty stomach immediately after sleep, or 3 hours after a meal. It was at this time the body more actively configured for burning fat.
  2. In the morning gymnastics, exercises for slimming the tummy and hips, do not use sports equipment to weight. The use of such shells leads to an increase in muscle mass in problem areas and to an increase in visual.
  3. The main condition of achievement of the abdomen and thighs is the frequency of the classes. How often and how long will flow workout – decide for yourself, the main thing is stick to a schedule every day. Drop the laziness and do not allow long breaks in the classroom. Exercise should be fun and a feeling of fatigue.
  4. Exercise for weight loss belly and hips needs to be alternated with exercises for weight loss legs, Nordic walking and regular running.
  5. Proceed to the exercises for slimming the abdomen and back with warm-up. During the warm-up warming up the muscles, accelerates blood circulation in the body, expanding range of motion in the joints. Because of this prevents injury.
  6. Those women who are determined to bring the figure in order, need to know which exercise should be done during charging to remove fat on belly and hips. Below the article we present the most common variants of training, but when possible, you should obtain the advice of the professional expert.
  7. To achieve a result in the slimming of the abdomen, sides, enough to choose a complex of 5 uprajnenii to execute them serially, in three sets, each exercise to be repeated at least 30 times 3 — 4 times a week. While exercising, pay close attention to their sensations, and heart rate. Don't overdo it!

The execution plan

To do at home must be properly and not to miss classes, you can take in the companions of the children, they would be fun to do with mom. With good mood, exercise for weight loss belly, thighs, and sides, and the result will be not worse, than when working in the hall with the coach. Most importantly, stick to simple principles:

  1. Begin the exercise with simple workout for the whole body, a good capture of movement in the shoulder joints, small joints of hands, hips and feet, dance to your favorite music.
  2. The next step is to slim the body follow an effective exercise for weight loss belly and sides, this includes such simple exercises as the slopes. The slopes spend 10-15 times back and forth, then right and left. Try, pull muscles trying to get the toes.
  3. Way slimming the tummy and hips at home is an exercise with Hoop. To enhance the effect, buy a Hoop with massage nozzles. When you rotate the Hoop on the waist enhanced the work of the abdominal muscles, hips, back, buttocks and legs. In the Hoop exercise burned more calories, which leads to active weight loss.
  4. Then don't forget the squats, this exercise forms the muscles of the lower press abdomen, buttocks and legs, and promotes their weight loss.
running for weight loss

More effective exercises for enhanced slimming abdomen and sides — lying on the floor. Proceed to classic exercises for fast and effective weight loss (a variety of kicks and hands, turns his body in the prone position). All people have different physical conditions and it is necessary to find a reasonable approach to the ongoing stress, especially exercises for slimming the abdomen.

Let's consider 10 simple exercises for slimming the abdomen and back at home. These classes are suitable for beginners, enthusiasts and advanced Amateurs home workouts to fight fat accumulations in the abdomen.

Cardio exercises for belly

Cardio-training (aerobic exercise) is a combination of certain exercises to increase the heart rate and blood flow increase during exercise. In this case trains the entire cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises prepare the heart to more severe loads and are always included in the exercises for the belly, reduce fat on the thighs and exercise the leg muscles. While an effective cardio exercise for weight loss belly and sides, you will need to measure heart rate (better to use the heart rate monitor).

Cardio workouts are the most effective exercises in the complex, especially the abdomen and flanks, as there is an active burning calories, and decrease fat.

Attention! We propose to consider three simple exercises for a quick “pumping” the press and the sides.



Exercises Action The result
Daily Lie on your back on the floor with outstretched legs. Raise the upper trunk of the body as low as possible to the feet, hands fixed behind his head. Perform 3-5 sets to 15 risers each. You need to rest between sets at least 30 seconds. Reinforced aerobics to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. Minus of 2-3 kg per month
Daily Lying on the floor raise your legs at a right angle. During lifting, the feet on the floor can not be put. Do 10 lifts in the 4-5 approach.

Rest between sets for at least 30 seconds.

Occurs exercise the abdominal muscles of the abdomen, back, sides. Minus 2-4 kg in a month
Several times a day Strongly tense the stomach muscles as if to pull it and delay the voltage to 10-15 seconds. Then relax. To carry out such exercises to 5 reps. Effective abdominal exercises strengthens the abdominal muscles have a good result on slimming the sides. Minus 1-2 kg in a month

Such classes do not take much time at all times they were very simple and effective in the fight against excess weight and make belly flat.

Regular easy exercises to lose weight whole body and especially the stomach is not possible without adjustments of food, reduce consumption of fats and carbohydrates. Reducing caloric intake has a very effective aid for effective weight loss abdomen.

exercises at home

Morning exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles takes only 8-10 minutes and bring a good mood. Simple exercises for weight loss really work belly, the belly becomes flat and the sides go away.

Exercises for abdominal muscles on the back

For rapid weight loss all exercises lying on the back should be in a special sports Mat, it softens the jolts and prevents the careless infliction of the injury. First warm them up for 5 minutes, warm up and stretch the muscles.


Exercise Bicycle simulates riding a bike. This is the best exercise for slimming the abdomen, hips and thighs.

Take a starting position: lying on your back bend your knees, push heels as close to pelvis, hands with extended elbows hold up.

Slowly lift the shoulders off the floor, while straining muscles of the abdomen. Stretch one leg at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the floor, simultaneously reach the opposite shoulder to the knee of the bent leg. Then, without a break, repeat the exercises with the other leg. Leg movements should be smooth and not too fast. Work out for 10 movements with each leg and rest, then do another 1-2 approach.

“Russian twist”

This difficult exercise will involve all muscles of the body, especially

when twisting, straining the abdominal muscles. In the initial position sitting on the floor, fold the body back to 45 degrees, knees bent feet lift and hold the weight. Hands close to the castle and pull forward. On the exhale, tense your abdominal muscles while twisting the body to the side, pursed his hands allot in the direction of motion of the body. Make a short pause, then repeat movement in the opposite direction. Enough to make 3 sets of 10 crunches on the press.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles in the bar

Exercise “Planck” consists of movements aimed to strengthen the press, abdomen, hips and back. Strap is the ultimate in complex fitness exercises. It is effective to build a flat stomach.

In the initial position standing on the knees, palms to rest against the floor. Pull in the belly, tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly lower yourself on bent at the elbows, elbows are strictly under the shoulder joints. Hold on a minute, straining muscles of a stomach. Then smoothly pull the legs, changing the position on the classic bar, resting on the floor with only your toes and palms. The belly is tucked up, pelvis up not secreted, the body resembles a straight line. Count out loud to 10 and bring the torso forward with the power of the pulling muscles. The exercise should be repeated 4-5 times.

Plank with jumping

The exercise is designed for a total body workout, slimming legs, thighs, stomach.

Starting position — classical upper limit. Pushing against the floor with his hands, jump legs apart, without stopping, jump, bring your feet together. Jump for at least 5 minutes in one go. You can also make it more difficult, add exercise, plank with twists.

exercises for the abs

Exercises for the abdominal muscles while standing

A lot of the most effective exercises for strengthening muscles and slimming of the abdomen. Simple exercises such as bending is very effective if you need weight loss belly and sides.

The slopes can be enhanced by adding hand weights or other heavy projectiles.

Also are proven exercises standing, turns left and right. When the voltage of the abdominal muscles, the person standing on bent legs shoulder width apart, hands behind your head. In this position, turn in different directions. Exercise is effective for weight loss belly sides.

These exercises can also be included in morning exercises to reduce the waist and weight loss of the stomach.

In the exercises you can enter exercises for the lazy, like leg lifts, sitting on a chair when his knees pressed to his chest and linger on for 10-15 seconds. This exercise also gives a good result in weight loss belly and sides. Be sure to add exercises with a Hoop.