Best diet for weight loss

The extra weight is an urgent problem for many women and men. Solve it help best diet for weight loss most popular and effective. Power systems to reduce the weight a lot, so every person will be able to choose any option for yourself, taking into account personal characteristics. Meet the most famous weight loss methods that are time tested and have the most positive feedback.

diet for weight loss

What are diet

Currently there are many systems of nutrition for weight loss and the list is constantly updated. They are all aimed at reducing weight, but differ in the diet, the duration, the intended result. The most effective diet for weight loss can be divided into several categories:

  1. Mono. The diet consists of one or two products necessarily low in calories. Mono is transferred hard, but give a good plumb.
  2. Protein. Based on the exclusion of carbohydrates. Effective and relatively safe technique, although the diet is not completely balanced. Some people carry protein weight loss difficult.
  3. Low-calorie.Assume a strict calorie, but diverse diet.
  4. Malouglevodnomu. Intake of carbohydrates is minimized.
  5. Low-fat. Limit fat intake.
  6. Cleansing. The use of products that contribute to eliminate toxins from the body.
  7. For blood group. Take into account the physiological needs of man. Balanced and safe, but not suitable for everyone, because in addition to the blood group each of us has more weight and other features.
  8. Soup. Based on the use of hot and cold first courses.
  9. The Express diet. Assume weight loss in a few days. After weight rapid methods returns very quickly. They are effective, but can bring the body harm.
  10. Drinking. Drinking water, juices, tea and other beverages.
  11. Interval. Food different products after a certain period of time. No restrictions on calories, number of meals. Interval power system will not be effective without exercise.

Rating the diets by effectiveness

In each category there are many power systems, however not all are equally effective. To help you understand what effect to expect from one or another of them, read the top, made up with the numerous reviews losing weight:

food for weight loss

Group diets


The expected result of losing weight (kg)



7 during the period of the Attack, 1 week Alternating



For 14 days


Low calorie


7-10 in 21 days

A two-week salt


Traffic light

for 2 to 7 days

The Swedish "6 petals"

5-6 in 6 days


from 6 for 2 weeks



0,7-1 in 7 days


100 grams per day


1 7 days


to 10 14 days



4 in 10 days

Fruit and vegetable

4 for a week


18-25 3 months


5 per week

Blood group

3-5 for 2 months


3 days


For 9 days




700-800 grams per day


2-3 a week


3 7 days


Carrot and ginger

To 5 for a week

On the soup with asparagus and spinach


The broccoli soup with arugula


On the day




For a month

20 and more


The three-day


The five-day




5 per week


1 per day


3 in 3 days


1 per day


0,5 per day

For weight loss

Any power system for reduction of body weight involves changing diet and lifestyle for a particular period of time. The task of every person aspiring to lose weight is to choose the one that will bring him expected result and will not harm the body. This should be approached very seriously, to learn the rules and the list of contraindications. The best diet should not cause even the slightest discomfort.


rapid weight loss

In this category are the best methods, diet was the most balanced. The menu should be composed of such products, which improve the gastrointestinal tract, inhibit the excretion of nutrients. Generally, the diet includes recipes with vegetables and fruits rich in fiber. A list of useful and safe for the body diets:

  • vegetable;
  • oatmeal;
  • on cereals;
  • chemical;
  • paleo;
  • gluten-free;
  • Osama Hamdy;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Dr. kovalkova;
  • vitamin and protein;
  • Montignac;
  • protein-carbohydrate alternation.


The methodology of this list, usually chosen by those people who need real results. They are well known, time-tested and a lot thinner. The list of the most popular nutrition systems for weight loss:

  1. Kremlin. Each product is assigned a certain number of points. A day allowed to "eat" a maximum of 40 points. 7 days "Kremlevka" cleans up to 5 kg. Preference for tasty fish and meat dishes. The technique is effective, but has a number of contraindications and will not appeal to people who appreciate the variety in the diet.
  2. Japanese. Salt-free food with a large list of banned products. Good for health, but because of the vapidity of food it is difficult to comply with.
  3. A separate power supply. Based on what foods you can eat in any quantities, but you can not mix carbohydrate with protein. Some food falls under a strict ban. Method of weight loss easier to stick to using a special table compatibility of products. The method is effective, but used to eat it hard.


It is worth noting that now an increasing number of diets designed to provide gentle effect on the body. If earlier the most popular Express options, at the present time, preference is given to those food systems that are focused on long-term, but sustainable results. Here are some examples:

  1. 5 tablespoons. A balanced system that limits the maximum daily amount of food. 5 tablespoons, the perfect amount of food to stave off hunger and replenish energy reserves. The minimum time interval between meals – 3 hours. Prohibited products is not enough. Contraindications are almost none.
  2. Potasovka. Designed for a month and a half. Ration so that feelings of hunger in humans, although prohibited products very much. The power supply system helps to improve digestion, balanced ratio of PFC.
  3. For belly and hips. System based on the use of products that burn subcutaneous fat. You need to count calories (1200-1300 calories a day max) and prepare a daily menu so that the amount of fat consumed did not exceed 20%. For sustainable results like the power circuit it is recommended to not less than a month.


Stars of film, television and pop music also use different effective diet (sometimes very unusual and interesting) to keep in perfect shape. If you want to follow the example of their idols, try the following weight loss methods:

  1. Three-day diet Nicole Kidman. To quickly get in shape, celebrity recommends to refrain from solid food and drink broths, fat burning smoothies, juices from fruit and vegetables, herbal teas and water. Repeat course shall be allowed not more than once every two or three months. It helps to get rid of 2-3 kg, to cleanse the body, improve skin condition.
  2. Best diet from Sophia Loren. This woman manages to have a perfect figure for many years. It is of the proper diet always counting calories. Once a month, Sophie sits on a three-day diet. She eats three times a day in small portions. Diet these days includes juices, eggs, vegetables, salads, Turkey, shrimp, fruits, low-fat dairy products.
  3. Methods Julia Roberts. This actress prefers to lose weight fish and vegetable salads. Fried foods are excluded. Eggs, sugar, pasta, meat, rice and potatoes Julia during weight loss eliminates.

The best diet for women

Due to certain characteristics of the body, hormonal failure, the fairer sex is harder to control your weight. Nutritionists are a number of techniques of power, which will be very effective for women:

  • Japanese;
  • Hollywood two weeks;
  • protein Dukan system;
  • a separate food of 90 days;
  • fasting;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat;
  • fruit.
slimming products

For quick weight loss

The power supply system to reduce weight promptly are very popular, because there are often situations when you need lightning fast results. It is worth considering that these meal plans and fasting have a number of side effects: they cause the body great stress and can cause health problems. In addition, the result is unstable, and the weight quickly returns after them. If you are not afraid of these dangerous consequences, explore a few examples.


The following diet is very hard, it is recommended to stick to no longer than three days. It is proposed a daily diet (no snacking):

  1. Breakfast. A Cup of unsweetened coffee, 2 rye crackers.
  2. Lunch. 2 boiled eggs, 4 tomatoes, 2 toast.
  3. Dinner. 50 g cheese, 1 slice rye bread, 1 tomato, Cup of green tea.

Not hard

By following these techniques for three days, you will have to get rid of 1.5-3 kilograms. Daily diet:

  1. Breakfast. Green tea.
  2. Lunch. 150 g low-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Lunch. 150 g of lean meat steamed, tomato, 1 boiled egg, a piece of unsalted cheese.
  4. An afternoon snack. Unsweetened tea.
  5. Dinner. 150 g of boiled chicken, cucumber, herbal tea.

Easy and effective

The following power system will provide you with the loss of up to 5 kg of weight in just three days. Daily diet:

  1. Immediately after waking up. A glass of warm water.
  2. Breakfast. 200 ml of warm skim milk with honey.
  3. Lunch. Grapefruit. After 20-30 minutes, 200 g of boiled meat 150 g, vegetable salad.
  4. Afternoon tea and dinner. The Cup of chicken broth.


The best example here would be the paleo diet. Its principle is to approximate to the diet of somebody that was half done. To comply with its permitted 7 days, it will not cause harm to the body. Case description a one-day menu:

  1. Breakfast. Two boiled eggs, 150 grams of salad from fresh fruit.
  2. Lunch. 10 almonds, 1 Apple.
  3. Lunch. 200 g of boiled chicken breast, 1 cucumber, 1 tomato.
  4. Dinner. 200 g shrimp, 150 g of vegetable salad.

The best diet in the world

Everyone who at least time in life tried to lose weight will agree that it is easier to prevent this problem than to solve it. The best way to do this is to follow a proper balanced diet, develop proper eating habits, to be on the bad foods and control the amount of servings. What are the benefits of this approach:

easy diet
  1. Reduced cholesterol and unhealthy fats.
  2. Strengthen all internal organs and systems, bone and muscle tissue.
  3. Energy balance is restored.
  4. Toxins.
  5. Normalized all metabolic processes.
  6. The body gets all the essential micro - and macronutrients.
  7. Improves psycho-emotional state.
  8. The weight remains within normal limits always.