How to lose 5 kg in a month at home

The goal is to lose 5 kg in a month

Even if the excess weight is just an obscenely large figure, you need to lose it little by little. According to nutritionists, healthy weight loss cannot be more than 5 kg per month. All attempts to speed up this process have a high chance of ending in disaster, both for weight and health. Grueling, low-calorie diets are eliminated.

Why is it better to lose 5 kg in a month

Excess weight significantly worsens not only the physical, but also the moral state of a person, lowers self-esteem and literally deprives him of strength, so the desire to lose these hated kilograms as soon as possible is quite understandable.

But nutritionists warn: hunger strikes, heavy diets and other stressful conditions for the body never go unnoticed. Bad skin, nails and hair, gastrointestinal disturbances and hormonal disruptions are just a few of what awaits after a quick weight loss. But the saddest thing is that all these sacrifices, as a rule, are in vain: the excess weight shed in this way returns, and even with extra pounds.

After such a conclusion, having impaired health and severe stress, it is hard to pull yourself together and start taking care of yourself. Therefore, you should not walk this path in the hope that everything will be different for you. Weight should go at a rate of 1 kg per week.

By the end of the month, you will see minus 5 kg on the scale and you will lose them naturally.

To lose 5 kg per month, you will need:

  • Adjust power supply.
  • Create a sample menu for a month.
  • Exercise several times a day to effectively lose excess weight. Alternatively, you can sign up for fitness.
A diet of proper nutrition for weight loss

The rules of proper nutrition without diets

To lose 5 kg in 1 month, you need a small dietary adjustment. Proper nutrition is the basis of good health and a perfect figure. If you eat right all the time, and not just in the month of losing weight, the lost weight will not return.

The diet of proper nutrition contains all the necessary elements that support human health, provide him with energy.

There are only a few basic principles that must be followed not only by those who want to lose weight, but also by all people:

  1. Drink a sufficient amount of clean water (at least 2 liters) per day. Moreover, you need to drink half an hour before each meal and half an hour after it, but not in the process of eating. In the morning on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of warm water, again half an hour before breakfast.
  2. You should eat regularly. This accelerates metabolism, improves digestion, which is what ensures weight loss.
  3. The diet should be varied, this will ensure the vitamin balance in the body. To do this, include unprocessed vegetables and fruits in the diet.
  4. Exclude sweet, salty, fatty, smoked, flour, semi-finished products (sausages) and carbonated drinks from the diet. Steam or oven all meals with no or minimal oil added. Do not drink alcohol for one month of weight loss.
  5. Reduce the amount of food in one meal to the volume of one glass. It is better to eat more often (5-6 times a day), but in small portions. In a month you will get used to this regime and will continue to support it.
  6. Eat slowly so that the saturation catches up with you until the moment the plate is empty and there is no temptation to impose yet. A trick to increase the time you consume food: eat with chopsticks or a small spoon.
Compliance with the drinking regime will facilitate the process of losing weight

Additionally, it should be noted that despite the strict requirement to exclude sweets and other things from the diet, nutritionists advise to be more flexible in such matters. Do not be afraid to eat what you really want, but it is better to find the perfect substitute for the desired product. If you like sweets, allow yourself to eat it, but only until 12 noon and a little. Almost any harmful and tasty product can be replaced with something similar in taste, but useful for health and weight loss.

Compliance with the drinking regime will facilitate both the process of losing weight and the work of the digestive tract.

Snacks are supported in a healthy diet. Sudden hunger can ruin your mood or even lead to breakdown and overeating. Snack on the right foods: an apple, a cereal bar, a handful of dried fruits or nuts, will be useful in losing weight. This again improves metabolism.

On each day, you need to know exactly what you will cook in the morning, lunchtime and evening and what to eat between meals. There should be no other food in the refrigerator.

To avoid eating unhealthy food for weight loss, make a list of meals for the week and purchase the necessary products. Determine the optimal meal time for yourself and follow the schedule. Nutritionists recommend keeping 2. 5 hours between meals, but even here, single exceptions are possible, the main thing is not to drive yourself into a stressful state, as with strict diets.

Positive changes only if these simple rules are observed can be observed in the first two weeks. The first kilograms will go away, a feeling of lightness will appear, the work of the digestive tract will improve, and your mood will improve.

What foods and at what time are best for losing weight by 5 kg per month

In proper nutrition, it is important that the meals that make up the weekly menu contain all the necessary amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for the adequate functioning of all systems.

For breakfast, combinations of the following products are ideal: kefir, oatmeal, bran muesli, milk, cottage cheese.You must include vegetables in lunchBreakfast should be light but satisfying to fill the body with energy for the whole day. In the morning, it is allowed to eat a little sweet, but it is better if it is a sweet fruit or berries.

The second breakfast is served 1. 5-2 hours after the first. Light foods are suitable here: apples, dried fruits, berries, 1 oatmeal cookie, a little buckwheat with healthy fiber. Grapefruit juice is good for your second breakfast.

For lunch, there must be vegetables and preferably fresh. You can eat a cup of fresh salad, a few slices of whole grain bread or bran, boiled meat.

It is better to season the salad with olive oil or sprinkle with lemon juice: this will more actively start the process of losing weight.

An afternoon snack, like a second breakfast, should be light. Ideal: applesauce or honey-baked apple, 1 orange, a cup of popcorn, a handful of prunes. This is not quite a full meal, like a second breakfast, it is rather snacks necessary to satisfy hunger.

Moderate dinner portions

Protein food is traditionally prepared for dinner. Suitable for baked or boiled fish, chicken or steamed, for a side dish - boiled vegetables, buckwheat. But if you don't feel very hungry in the evening, you can just eat cottage cheese.

Dinner portions should be moderate throughout the month so as not to overload the stomach a few hours before bed.

For the night. If the dinner was rather light, about an hour before bedtime you should drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir, eat a fresh green or baked apple, and a few pieces of dried fruit.

Such a diet with average physical activity will allow you to smoothly lose 5 kg in one month.

Sample menu for a week for weight loss

Sample Weight Loss Menu includes 5 meals. For snacks between main meals, you can eat a small amount of fresh unsweetened fruits, dried fruits, nuts, 1/2 cup of kefir or low-fat yogurt.

Breakfast options for proper nutrition:

  • oatmeal with dried fruits, preferably in water (200 grams), 1 fruit;
  • 1 boiled egg, 1 fruit, 2 whole grain breads, a slice of cheese;
  • low-fat cottage cheese (200 grams), 1 glass of freshly squeezed unsweetened fruit juice, a handful of nuts.

Lunch Options for Healthy Nutrition:

  • boiled chicken breast (150 grams), light vegetable salad with herbs and olive oil, whole grain bread;
  • a cup of salad with boiled chicken, tomatoes, bulgur, herbs, seasoned with honey, 1 fruit;
  • bran bread sandwich with red fish, dill, avocado, 1 glass of low-fat yogurt.

Dinner Options for Healthy Nutrition:

  • baked lean fish (200 grams), vegetable salad;
  • boiled chicken fillet (150 grams), baked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin), tomato and 1 tablespoon of feta cheese;
  • 3 rye bread, baked beetroot (100 grams), a piece of goat cheese - arrange in the form of a sandwich.

Slimming Exercises at Home

Loads on the main muscle groups will strengthen the body, make it more resilient, and prevent the appearance of sagging skin after volume reduction.
Successful weight loss

Exercise is an essential aid during weight loss. Moderate physical activity will allow you to start the process of fat burning faster and avoid weight loss by reducing muscle mass.

However, the exercises must be done correctly. You should start your workout with a small warm-up so as not to damage the muscles: tilting, rotating the neck, trunk, arms and hips, movements in the knee joint.

Don't necessarily want to include heavy exercise, especially if you've never exercised before. It is better to perform a set of simple exercises every day for 20-30 minutes.

Training for a month will be effective when practiced on a regular basis.


This exercise is basic and involves more than just the legs and buttocks. With the correct squat, the muscles of the press and back also work. You need to squat 30-40 times in one approach without weights, 15 times with weights, it is advisable to do 3 approaches in total.

Technique: Place your feet shoulder-width apart, back straight. The knees are facing forward, as are the feet. On inhalation, you need to slowly take the pelvis back as far as possible, lowering the hips to parallel with the floor. The knees do not extend beyond the feet, the back remains level. The main weight should be on the heels. At the lowest point, linger for a second and slowly rise as you exhale.

Hula Hoop Rotation

This exercise will not only shrink your waist, but it will also strengthen your back and abs. You need to rotate the hula hoop for at least 7-10 minutes every day.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope

Strong cardio loads are necessary during the period of weight loss. An active type of training will help you lose excess weight faster, improve the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

It is good if you can jump for 6-8 minutes, but with poor physical fitness it is better to cut this time in half, gradually increasing the number of jumps.

You can jump in 2 or 3 sets, but rest between them should not be passive - light running or walking.

Leg Swing

This exercise is great for strengthening the leg muscles. Lying on your right side, extend your right hand forward and rest your head on it, place your left hand in front of your chest to support the body.

Slowly lift your left leg up to parallel with the floor, lock it for a second and lower it smoothly. Make 20 swings. Then roll over to the other side and repeat the same. Gradually, after 2-3 days, increase the load.

When the muscles are strong enough, make the exercise harder. From the same starting position, raising your leading leg to parallel, hold it in weight, and slowly raise your lower leg to it. There will be fewer repetitions of such swings, you can start with 15 times and also gradually increase the load. Although both legs work, but in different ways, so it is necessary to change the side.

Psychological attitude: how to lose weight without stress

Effective weight loss requires the right mental attitude. Having made a decision to lose weight, you need to adhere to it firmly, not succumbing to the temptations to eat a harmful product or skip a workout.

Be sure to follow the result. You need to measure your weight only once a week at the same time, on an empty stomach and without shoes. Losing weight will be easier in the company of like-minded people. It's good if you find a group of those who are losing weight, for example, for joint training.