How to lose weight in a week

To lose weight fast in a week, recommended a variety of ways. They all provide for the restriction of the use of different foods and increasing physical activity. If you want to get rid of the extra pounds in 7 days, it is most often used to a strict diet. And we must remember that sudden weight loss over a short period of time can cause harm to health.


Diet for quick weight loss

When the question how to lose weight in a week most experts meet one — this requires a holistic approach. In addition to the wraps, and exercises to apply the Express diet, thanks to which 7 days can get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. But you need them fully to withstand and properly out of them.


Porridge of buckwheat — not high-calorie meal, but for a long time and helps to quickly saturate the body. Hunger is almost not there. The menu includes reception only of buckwheat, which is cooked without oil, sugar and salt. Permitted to Supplement the diet with 1 liter of low-fat yogurt. During the week, you should drink 1.5 l of water. At the end of the week menu, added a small amount of prunes. Excess weight starts to leave on the third day. Buckwheat diet is considered safe and effective. It is only contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Kefir. It is economical way to lose weight, in which a day is recommended to drink 0.5 liters of low-fat yogurt. In addition, the diet includes the following products:

  • vegetables — 400 g;
  • chicken breast, steamed;
  • any fruit — 0,5 kg;
  • cheese — 300 g;
  • 5 potatoes, which are boiled with the peel and without the addition of salt.

The sixth day is a fast day, during which you drink only mineral water. On the seventh day of the diet includes 500 g of any fruit and 400 ml of yogurt. Of diet out carefully, gradually introducing the menu of high-calorie foods.


It is used if you need to urgently to lose a few lbs. Each day should eat 1 kg of nonfat cottage cheese. Eat it during the day in small portions. Using this product, people quickly saturated for a long time and not experiencing hunger pangs. For seven days need to eat only cheese. Water should drink a lot and preferably boiled.


For the week, you can lose weight by 7 kg. should Eat only apples, eating, per day to 1 kg. can bake Them, cook them, puree and squeeze the juice.

How to keep the result, the disadvantages of fast diets

The disadvantages of fast diets are that most of them leads to inadequate intake of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins. From this begins to suffer the digestive system, stomach pain appear can develop weakness, dizziness, nausea, constipation, heartburn, decreased memory and workability. In addition, in order to keep the result after the diet, you need to follow a healthy balanced diet and not go on the same diet and not to eat to excess. If a person understands that I can't all the time eat nutritious food, it is better not to look for ways to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight without harm to health

Many people wonder how you can lose weight in a week without harm for health. Restrictive diets are extremely dangerous for human health. If the diet will consist of only 1 type of product, the weight starts to go rapidly. So the body gets rid of protein and water, consists of muscular tissue, fatty deposits he propasal for a rainy day. You will not be able to lose weight without harm to health if you want to get rid of 7 days from 4 kg and more. Recommended to lose weight in a week 0.8–1 kg. otherwise, the body will experience stress that negatively displayed on the appearance and health of the person.

The day will start with Breakfast. You should never give up snacking. This is well suited nuts, low-fat yogurt, vegetables, fruit, fruit. Such products reduce the feeling of hunger. Allowed sweets, but only useful: honey, piece of dark chocolate, dried fruits, candied fruits. If it is impossible to give up sugar, you can replace it with brown unrefined.

How to plan menu

When planning the menu for the week, count the calorie content of foods. Diet is necessary so that the energy value of food is not over the recommended norm. The menu includes proteins, contained in meat, lean fish and dairy products. Such foods should make up ¼ of the daily volume of the diet. The same number should be legumes and cereals. With their help the body is full of energy and complex carbohydrates as fat no longer be delayed. Sample menu for a week involves eating 4 times a day. In between you need to eat a small handful of dried fruit or an Apple. It helps to fill your stomach and to enhance metabolism. All meals should contain nutrients, but distribute them, given the activity of the digestive system:

  1. The body after waking up needs minerals, vitamins and energy, so Breakfast should include cereals, fruits, light protein foods, for example cheese.
  2. In the afternoon the digestive organs are capable of processing large quantities of food. The menu includes first dishes — borscht, soups, and meat with a side dish of cereals, vegetables, salads.
  3. In the evening the digestive processes start to slow down. For dinner it is best to consume dairy products, steamed vegetables, fish.

Sample menu for one week with recipes

There are many recipes of healthy and delicious options for weight loss that are contained in the menu for 7 days.


For Breakfast you can eat an omelet with cheese and vegetables. To prepare it, you will need the following ingredients:

  • egg — 2 PCs.;
  • low-fat cottage cheese and spinach — 50 g;
  • vegetable oil — 1 tbsp

Mix eggs with cottage cheese, 2 tbsp water, spinach. Pour into the pan with vegetable oil under the lid and cook until tender.
For lunch eat a vegetable soup based on chicken broth with noodles. Snack-drink a glass of yogurt and eat a grapefruit. For dinner you can cook in the oven fish in foil with aromatic herbs, without salt or butter. Also eat cabbage salad with apples and carrots.


At Breakfast, cook oatmeal in milk or water. Drink a Cup of coffee or unsweetened tea.
For lunch boiled beef and rice. For cooking you will need:

  • lean beef — 1 kg;
  • rice — 0.5 cups;
  • fresh cucumber in small size — 1 piece.
  • parsley and dill;
  • spices — 2 black peppercorns and a Bay leaf;
  • soy sauce — 1 tbsp

Start to prepare the dish the day before, soaking the rice in water. The next day boiled beef. For this piece of meat pour cold water, bring to a boil and cook 2 minutes. After this oily broth is drained. Meat again put into the water and add a little spice and salt. After an hour, I chopped a bunch of greens, cook for another 10 minutes and remove the beef from the broth. Simultaneously boil the rice. For that, he poured a glass of water and boil until, until it boils away. To garnish add diced cucumber and soy sauce, mix. 1/3 boiled meat cut into pieces and eat together with rice. The rest of the beef in the refrigerator clean. In the future it can be used for salads and sandwiches. Snack-eat fruits and drink mineral water. For dinner it is recommended to eat the fresh cucumber salad and a glass of kefir.


For Breakfast eat a sandwich with a small piece of boiled beef and a slice of fresh cucumber, drinking coffee. Lunch vegetable soup.
In the afternoon provides light cheesecakes:

  • low-fat cottage cheese — 200 g;
  • semolina — 2 tbsp;
  • egg — 1 PC.;
  • vegetable oil — 1 tbsp

Prepare a batter of semolina, curd and eggs. Form small pancakes and fry in oil until Golden brown. When feeding them you can grease 1 tbsp. of honey. A dinner with fresh vegetables and a baked potato.


In the morning, eat a piece of cheese, buckwheat porridge, cooked with water, drink tea with sugar substitute.
The lunch soup of fresh or dried mushrooms. It will require:

  • pre-cooked or fresh mushrooms — 150 g;
  • small carrots — 1 PC.;
  • onion — 1 PC.;
  • potatoes — 1 PC.;
  • olive oil — 1 tbsp

Potatoes cleaned, cut into cubes and put into 1 l of boiling water, in which pre-pour a small amount of salt. The mushrooms and onions finely cut, carrots grate and all components are lightly fried. Into the pot with the potatoes add mushrooms and vegetables and cook for 30 minutes. When serving, add fresh herbs. In the afternoon, prepare the cucumber salad, beef and cabbage, which is seasoned with lemon juice. For dinner, consume natural yogurt and 1 whole wheat bread.


Eat for Breakfast low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of honey.
In the afternoon baked in the oven flounder with cheese and tomatoes. To cook a dish, you need:

  • the fish is small — 1 PC.;
  • tomatoes — 2-3 PC.;
  • Parmesan cheese — 50 g;
  • pepper;
  • lemon juice — 1 tbsp

The fish is cleaned, washed, laid out on a sheet of foil, lightly sprinkled with lemon and pepper. Top evenly arrange tomatoes, cut into slices and sprinkle with cheese. Foil and wrap tightly for 30 minutes send the flounder in the oven. Snack-eat a fruit salad and drink 250 ml of mineral water. A dinner salad of any vegetables and with the addition of green peas, drink a glass of buttermilk.


For Breakfast make cheesecake with raisins. You will need the following components:

  • cottage cheese — 200 g;
  • raisins — 1/3 Cup;
  • eggs — 2 PCs.;
  • flour — 3 tbsp

Mix cheese, yolks of eggs, raisins and flour, then add the beaten egg whites. Cottage cheese spread in a baking dish and 30 minutes put it in the oven preheated to 180⁰C. For lunch eat boiled or baked chicken breast and buckwheat porridge. Snack — yogurt and fruit. In the evening dinner baked fish with salad.


In the morning eat a sandwich with fresh tomatoes and cheese, drink a Cup of coffee. For lunch eat a plate of vegetable soup. Afternoon tea presented with a small wholegrain bread and a Cup of yogurt.

A dinner with meat balls. To do this, take:

  • ground beef — 250 g;
  • onion — 1 PC.;
  • egg — 1 PC.;
  • boiled rice — 150 g;
  • vegetable oil — 1 tbsp

Minced a little pepper and salt, then mixed with rice and egg. Onion chopped, fry in a saucepan, add 150 ml of water and bring to a boil. In boiling down the sauce formed a ball of stuffing, cover with a lid, lower the fire and simmer 20 minutes.

Adhering to a meal

You should set the rise time and lights out. People should get up and go to bed at the same time, allowing you to use the resources of the body and accelerate the fat loss. The correct mode consists of 5 meals — 3 main and 2 snack. There should be a break in 2-3 hours. Breakfast should be between 7 and 9 hours. The first meal is carried out 30 minutes after awakening. Brunch is required in order for the body to function properly. Most often it starts in 3 hours after Breakfast. You need to dine between 12 to two hours. High tea arranged in 15-16 hours, and for dinner, assign the interval between 17-19 hours.

Physical activity

You can quickly get rid of fat on thighs and abdomen, if you combine proper nutrition and physical activity. A good helping of cardio: running, skiing, skating, dance, aerobics, exercise bike, walking. Need to deal with in the morning or evening.

How to choose and plan a workout

To choose the right set of exercises to remove belly fat or lose weight in the legs and hips, help a professional instructor. To run it you need to regularly. Effectively burn fat aerobic exercise, e.g. brisk walking on the treadmill. A workout should last 40 to 80 minutes, because the fat begins to burn after 30 minutes of training.

To lose weight help:

  • cardio training — jumping rope, running, etc.;
  • strength training;
  • split;
  • circuit training.

Workout at home

The most effective exercises are: at the press for the muscles of the back, shoulders, abdomen, chest, buttocks, legs. During this training focus need for inner thighs and buttocks. To do this, assume the initial position of "rest position", the legs and arms should be straight, feet together. Keep your back straight and the pelvis does not rise. Alternately perform Mahi feet 10-15 times each. Another way to help get rid of fat from the sides and belly. Lie on the floor, tighten legs, hands behind your head. Slowly raise shoulders off the floor, straining the abdominal muscles, are delayed by 3 seconds and drops back. Repeat 10 times.


So how to lose weight during a diet can help you not only exercise, but also special wraps, often used such procedures. While the body is covered with a mixture of active components. Wraps are hot and cold. In the first case, the mixture contains a coolant, dramatically narrowing the vessels and pores. This causes a powerful outflow of blood and lymph from skin cells. At the same time begin intensively to split fats. During hot wraps active ingredients heat the area of the body, contributing to the expansion of blood vessels, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation.

How to keep the result

To the excess weight did not come back, you need to avoid the same bad habits: overeating, consuming excessive amounts of fats, carbohydrates and sweet, wrong diet. Should continue to carry out physical exercises to maintain the balance of vitamins, drink plenty of water, avoid distractions during meals.