What can I eat on the protein diet: list of foods

Is it possible weight loss without the starvation or complicated menus? It turns out, Yes. Protein weight loss system is ideal for those who like a hearty, but simple cuisine.

Foods for protein diet

In order to abide by the diet, you do not need to buy expensive overseas foods and have professional cooking skills. All the dishes you can cook from conventional products, familiar to any housewife.

Options protein diet

There are many varieties of protein supplementation. The most popular amongst dieters, won the following methods:

The Dukan Diet

Author program, which is a 4-stage weight loss.

Each phase has its own objectives, time limits and a list of allowable ingredients:

  • Attack-can last from 1 to 10 days, allowed only protein foods;
  • Cruise from 2 weeks to six months (optionally 12 months), the menu is built on the alternation of protein and protein and vegetable days;
  • Consolidation – from 50 days to save the achieved results, gradually in the diet are fruits, starchy vegetables allowed once a week eating your favorite dessert;
  • Stabilization – there are no restrictions on duration.

Feature of this method is the inclusion in the daily diet of 1.5-3 tablespoons of bran.


Its unusual name the technique received from an easy hand of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who lost weight on this meal plan. To adhere to a strict system of 2 or 4 weeks. There are two options: egg and cheese.

Feature of this diet – a combination of protein foods and citrus.

The Kremlin

The program lasts for two weeks. The basic principle of low carbohydrates. Resolved any meat, fish dishes, including fried vegetables, eggs, cheese. Each product is marked with the conventional unit (score). Per day not to exceed 35-40 b


Featurethere are no restrictions in portions of permitted foods, you can eat until full saturation.

What can I eat on the protein diet: list

The table of recommended products for the protein menu:

Category The list
Milk Any fermented beverages 0-3% fat (yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk), milk 2.5%, cheese 5%, hard cheese varieties.
Meat Lean beef, Turkey, chicken, rabbit.
Fish and seafood Sea, any low fat.
Vegetables Everything except the potatoes.
Fruit Preferably unsweetened (apples, pears, citrus, kiwi, plums).
Cereals Buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, brown rice, chickpeas, barley
Berries Strawberry, black currant, red currant, sea buckthorn, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry).
Mushrooms Fresh or frozen.
Egg Chicken, quail.
Greens All
Bread, toast Whole wheat, rye flour, without yeast (with added bran, flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds).
Vegetable oil Olive, Flaxseed.
Drinks Black, green, herbal tea, coffee, mineral water, plain clean water

Forbidden foods on protein diet

For effective weight loss, you need to remove from the diet all fast carbs and food with high fat content.

Forbidden foods on protein diet

First, the ban applies to refined sugar, confectionery sweets, white wheat bread, loaf, yeast pastries, cakes and pies.

The list of unacceptable products also include:

  • fatty meats, fish;
  • ready-prepared foods, canned;
  • pickles, smoked meat, bacon;
  • any store-bought sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets, corn);
  • packaged juices, sweet soda;
  • alcohol.

From dried fruit and some fruit also is to give up dieting: dates, bananas, grapes.

Protein diet for weight loss on the Dukan diet

The technique was developed by French doctor Pierre Dukan more than 30 years ago, but the wide popularity she gained only in the 2000s, after the release of the book the author of “I can't lose weight”.

The basic strategy of weight reduction on the Dukan diet is based on four clearly painted cycle:

  • First period – the “Attack”, is the most challenging, both psychologically and physically. It does not last more than 10 days, but has the most severe restrictions in food. Allowed to consume up to 72 different types of protein. The same type of table allows to prepare the body for the upcoming changes.
  • “Striping”. In the diet of vegetable oil is added and to 28 kinds of vegetables: all kinds of cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke, celery, green beans, pumpkin, carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, asparagus, greens, mushrooms.

Some ingredients are allowed only in small quantities (g/day):

  • chicken yolk – 25;
  • vegetable oil – 18;
  • Chia seeds -12 ;
  • flax seeds -7;
  • tomato paste – 50;
  • Goji berries – 30.

At this stage the power function as follows: protein day, then a protein and vegetable and so on.

  • “Pinning” is designed for gradual introduction of foods (fruit, bread from whole grains, cheeses, potatoes, etc.). Aged one protein day a week.
  • Stabilization. Suggests food based on the formed food preferences.

At all stages of weight loss, need to consume food at least 15-20 g of all bran a day. Helpful Supplement provides the activation of the gastrointestinal tract, and stable colon cleanse.

Why protein products contribute to weight loss

Protein food, entering the body, is very slowly digested. The process of absorption of protein compounds, spent a lot of effort. In the absence of fast carbohydrates in the diet, energy is drawn from fat cells.

Adherence to carbohydrate deficiency over time leads to a decrease in fat reserves and a gradual decline in the volume of the body. During the day, allowed the use of 30-50 g. of complex carbohydrates.

Is it possible to eat only protein

Pure protein diet cannot be applied for a long time. Stick to protein menu, should be not more than two weeks. This is the optimal time to start the necessary changes in the body without harm to health. Longer cuts in the proportion of carbohydrates and fats, can have a negative impact on the external and internal condition of the person.

The result of the protein diet

Most nutritionists believe that proper nutrition, more suitable balanced composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, combining all the essential minerals and vitamins. Recommended proportions are as a percentage are as follows: 30% B. 20% J. / 50% U.

What results to expect from protein diet

Usually, while respecting the key principles of nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle, the result will not keep itself waiting. The changes will already be visible by the end of the first week. For such a short time, manage to get rid of 1.5-4 kg of excess weight. The final figures will largely depend on the initial body weight and personal characteristics losing weight. On average, 14 days diet, you can lose 3-5,5 pounds.


Protein menu is not for everyone. The elderly and women in position, it is better not to resort to such drastic measures for weight loss. And in the presence of serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory processes in kidneys, liver, this power supply system – is contraindicated.